BDFutura can be used not only in different areas (energy efficiency, geo positioning and locating people and objects, environmental health and air quality, etc.) but also in different sectors (industrial, business, professional services, healthcare, R & D , domestic sphere …)

Domestic area

  • Energy Efficiency

    Study and simulation of consumption of electricity, gas, water…

  • Devices Control

    Domotics, actions when exceeding thresholds, programming, etc.

  • Geolocation

    Tracking and tracing of people or objects, through specialized GPS devices or Smartphones

  • Monitoring of People

    Control of people who need to be constantly monitored (sick, emergencies …)

  • Etc

Proffessional area

  • Energy Efficiency

    Study and simulation of  power consumption, currents, temperatures and other securities in industry, offices, etc.

  • Enviromental Health

    Control of environmental metrics for analysing enclosures, wards, industrial environments or open spaces,  through different quality parameters (noise, temperature, humidity, pressure, gas …)

  • CPD´s

    Control and monitoring of Data Processing Centers (temperatures, consumption, activation of actuators based on thresholds, etc.)

  • Health

    Patient monitoring, people with low mobility at home, constant medical monitoring, etc.

  • Geolocation

    tracking fleet, devices in vehicles, alerting emergency services, etc.