The following diagram shows the general concept of BDFutura and their interactions with different partners.

BDFutura is an online service that allows the acquisition of IP data from different sources, whether IP sensors or measurement devices, actuators or any other data source, provided that the data is received directly via the Internet.

For interconnection with such devices BDFutura has plugins that implement different connectivity protocols with such devices, which can be both sensors such as actuators (relays or switches on / off), or applications or services that provide IP data of different types (web and SM analytics, corporate data, etc.).

By publishing an API it is possible to interact programmatically with BDFutura, so that you can manage data captured from external applications specifically created for this purpose for different areas of business. So different applications for vertical segments will be developed basing the operations and calculations on data acquired by the main BDFutura horizontal platform.

The core is responsible for the stream mode mass data acquisition and storage, to facilitate their growth and scalability and has a number of key features for managing such data, display them on tables or graphics mode, export, to which are added the possibility of establishing rules or conditions that can generate different actions to overcome certain thresholds: turn actuators, communicate with those responsible for the account through various channels, etc.

Users will have access to configure and manage all their data through different profiles.

The figure below describes all these possibilities.

BDFutura Conceptual Diagram

BDFutura Conceptual Diagram