BDFutura General Diagram

BDFutura General Diagram

The proliferation of smart sensors and devices along with the growing presence of device identification and massive capture technologies will allow in the near future to provide efficient services based on the stored knowledge, the result of massive information from sensors, systems and other data acquisition devices via IP communication.

BDFutura ia a cloud multi-client Big Data platform providing services and applications oriented to the acquisition, storage and intensive treatment of information obtained from different IP data sources that facilitates knowledge, communication, decision-making  and actions implementing. It can be used not only in different areas (energy efficiency, geo positioning and locating people and objects, environmental health and air quality, etc.) but also in different sectors (industrial, business, professional services, health , R & D, domestic sphere …), adapting in each case to the particular needs of the sector and the environment.

As simple as register online at BDFutura to begin configuring your particular environment, whether domestic or professional, linking your own sensors and devices that will provide the information to be processed.

You will have a control panel where you create your own custom widgets from which will monitor the information and have access to manage, present and export it for using outside your own BDFutura environment , if desired.

Data Acquisition and processing

Ability to acquire large volumes of IP data from different sources (sensors, devices, GPS, social networking, others …) for processing both on-line and batch mode.

Provides sized solution for every need

The devices connect directly to the Internet or setting up groups of devices that communicate via radio frequency to a hub that is who carries data shipments to BDFutura .

For the different trademarks devices recognition,  plugins are progressively  incorporated implementing communication protocols specific to each device type (sensor, actuator, etc.)

By developing specialized widgets is also possible to connect with other applications or online services that can serve data through the network, to catch them, whatever their the nature are. Thus, the BDFutura platform will become a control  center of all the IP data you want to monitor.



Charts, comparative tables, maps, customizable reports, real-time representations, historic… Anything that can dispose of the most accurate information for your business.

Allows online information and batch processing of large amounts of data.

Large set of both generic and specific features depending on the scope and application sector, which enable detailed analysis of situations facilitating decision making



Control actions and interaction with external devices and components (regulators, on/off actuators, networks, feedback, other information systems, etc).

Simple configuration using customizable rules based on customized parameters (exceeding a given threshold, change of position for a given measure, combination of several metrics in a given period, etc.).

The platform design ensures quick integration and configuration of external devices with which interact.



Programming of different events for communication with officials across multiple channels (SMS, Email, Social Networks, IP Telephony, etc)

It has an internal messaging system to warn of different established system alarms (exceeding thresholds, inactivity sensors, etc)

Tight integration with VoIPFutura allowing leverage the advanced features it offers (unified messaging, call centers, radio over IP, Skype, etc).